Franco Carlisi: Il valzer di un giorno

Franco Carlisi: Il valzer di un giorno

Author: Franco Carlisi
Texts: Andrea Camilleri, Gianmaria Testa, Alberto Giovanni Biuso, Pippo Pappalardo, Giusy Randazzo, Gaetano Savatteri
Pages: 216
Languages: Italian/English
Year: 2018
Format: 24x32 cm.
Binding: Stitched paperback binding

ISBN 9788895388366

€ 54,00

Franco Carlisi’s eye keeps catching some “off-screen” images and gives them back to us, I would say just as a narrator, with an extraordinary liveliness and intensity.
An absent look, a distracted bride, the suffering aspect of a parent for the coming separation.
They are photos that will never enter the official album authorized to be the matrix of memories. The dressmaker breaking a thread of the bride’s immaculate dress with her teeth would be out of place.
The wedding photos usually long for elusiveness, lightness, purity, solemnity.
Instead, through Carlisi’s eye, everything becomes physical, strong experienced, real, without half tones. See the bride breastfeeding her child.
Aren’t they a story of great expressive strength?

Andrea Camilleri