Colomba D'Apolito: d'Après

Colomba D'Apolito: d'Après

Author: Colomba D'Apolito
Texts: Enrico Gullo, Colomba D'Apolito
Pages: 76
Languages: Italian/English
Year: 2022
Format: 170x238 mm
Binding: Stich bound with headbang

ISBN 978-88-90-6116-8-1

€ 22,00

The cutting of an image has an element of paradox: it forces us to come to terms with the materiality of somethng we instinctively deem intangible. John Mitchell, in his Pictorial Turn, dissolves this apparent contradiction when he distinguishes between images and pictures, arguing that "A picture appears on a material background or in a specific place. [...] An image never appears unless in a determined medium, but it also trasends media and can be transferred from one medium to another.".

It follows, therefore, that you do not make cuts in an image, but rather, a picture. But adjusting or touching a picture inevitably means generating new images and this is the precise area the work of Colomba D'Apolito explores, pushing and challenging limits and possibilities. This process of cutting and cropping that works on the support not because of an ant-modern stance, but because of an equally precise choice of field.
(from the critical text of Enrico Gullo, Art Historian and PdD in art history)