Fausto Meli: InVisibilia

Fausto Meli: InVisibilia

Author: Fausto Meli
Texts: Gigliola Foschi, Susanna Gualazzini, Fausto Meli
Pages: 148 + insert 8 pp. in reduced format
Languages: Italian/English
Year: 2023
Format: 213x300 mm
Binding: Stitched paperback binding

ISBN 978-88-90-6116-5-0

€ 45,00

Juxtaposing elements from different realities was one of the cornerstones of the surrealist movement, which adopted Lautrément’s phrase – “the chance juxtaposition of a sewing machine and an umbrella on a dissecting table” - as the manifesto of a new aesthetic based on disorientation and contradiction. By including remarkably incongruous objects in their works, these artists aimed to challenge our expectations, to free the mind from what it already knows and from automatic mental associations. Each of Fausto Meli’s photographs also contains an anomalous element; but in his case, it is neither particularly incongruous nor ostentatious. In fact, it is sometimes so unobtrusive as to be detectable only by paying close attention to the image. The unexpected elements in this artist’s works have a connection with what is shown in the photographs, (futuristic building, a castle on the sea, an old library, a volcanic island...); he creates encounters that have the power to generate new beauty, open up new meanings, new reflections...
(from the introduction by Gigliola Foschi)