Luca Gilli: Incognita

Luca Gilli: Incognita

Author: Luca Gilli
Texts: Luca Doninelli, Paulo Barone, Emilie Housa
Pages: 100
Languages: Italiano/Inglese
Year: 2022
Format: 205x296 mm
Binding: stitched paperback binding, rounded corners

ISBN 978-88-90-6116-1-2

€ 38,00

In order to talk about the images of Incognita, Luca Gilli’s work dedicated to school at the time of the lockdown and distance learning, we need to deal with some words destined to clutter our gaze: “essential”, “minimalism”, words that could materialize on our lips when looking at these shots.
We could call them lid-words, censorship-words, armchair-words. In most cases they do not express something we know, we merely put them in place of something we do not know, to cover a hole in the vision.

(from introduction by Luca Doninelli)