Mario Cucchi: C'est la vie...

Mario Cucchi: C'est la vie...

Author: Mario Cucchi
Texts: Gigliola Foschi
Pages: 108 with cover with flaps
Languages: Italian/English
Year: 2024
Format: 175x240 mm
Binding: Paperback

ISBN 978-88-94-7614-2-9

€ 28,00

Photographs of well-composed objects, but with something odd, which makes them like surreal and extravagant toys. However, without any dramatic tension, without any disturbing atmosphere. Even the black and white seems subtle. And the composition is balanced, perfect, as only a master of still life, which Mario Cucchi undoubtedly is, can do. Even the title, C’est la vie, has something merry, but with a bitter hint. A little like how life often appears to us. The title itself, indeed, offers us a clue, a glimmer, to better understand how this new Cucchi’s research is made up of images able of rising an ironic and sharp edge on the difficulties of our existence. Here the life is never faced directly, but rather observed as from the outside through funny metaphor-objects, created by a careful and in some way bizarre composition. All this creating a modulation at the same time with lyrism and humour, aimed to ponder the burden of life, but with a touch of lightness.

(from the introduction by Gigliola Foschi)