Samuele Bianchi, Simone Letari, Simona Lunatici: sedimento

Samuele Bianchi, Simone Letari, Simona Lunatici: sedimento

Authors: Samuele Bianchi, Simone Letari, Simona Lunatici
Texts: Simona Lunatici, Alessandro Trabucco, Pietro D'Agostino
Pages: 100
Languages: Italian/English
Year: 2019
Format: 21x28 cm.
Binding: Stitched paperback binding

ISBN 978-88-906116-0-5

€ 30,00

´╗┐sedimento (sediment) originates from a larger project called Guardo divenire immagine, a two-year research carried out by three photographers: Samuele Bianchi, Simone Letari and Simona Lunatici. In this book the authors explore places with no documentary intent. They observe them, cross them, live them with an unbiased look which is always ready to embrace what chooses to reveal itself. The word sediment indicates the solid material that settles at the bottom of a liquid following the application of a force. No title could be more appropriate to describe the creative process behind the realization of this book. Samuele, Simone and Simona have taken their time to observe places they habitually move in and through and to share their visions, which sometimes overlap and sometimes move away from each other. A deposit of experiences in the space that surrounds us, in a place we move through in everyday life, for various reasons, and that could be any other place - not just ours, but more widely shared. The essence of this project is in the process of accumulation of images and experiences, separation and merging. A slow, liquid process, apparently poised in time, but never final, just like sediment.