Antonella Monzoni: Ferita Armena

Antonella Monzoni:  Ferita Armena

Autor: Antonella Monzoni
Texts: Antonia Arslan, Daniele De Luigi, Aldo Ferrari
Language: Italian/English
Year: 2015
Pages: 176
Format: 285x240 mm.
Binding: Hardback with cloth cover

ISBN 978-88-95388-19-9

€ 38,00

Melancholy, rain, snow, windswept landscapes, run-down Soviet buildings, fighting dogs and many sad flowers scattered on the ground in front of the twelve basalt slabs of the Genocide Memorial on the hill of Tsitsernakaberd (“swallow’s fortress” in Armenian); but also raised fists, the symbol of the Armenians’ eternal struggle to ensure that the terrible 1915 events are not forgotten, and untamed faces with fiery eyes bearing the burden of an ancient sadness.

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